Updating to 3.2 Admin Displays Are Not Correct?

As you can see below, it seems after updating the displays are not quite right. I checked and am not getting a 404 or other errors when loading pages, thought maybe I was missing a CSS or JS file. Any idea on solution, other than reinstalling?

Well that’s definitely not what it’s supposed to look like.

Does it look the same if you try in a different browser. Or clear your browser’s cache?

Yes, 3 different browsers, cleared cache, etc… It seems like related to Tablesaw in the Asset>Vendors> that seems to control the stack? Checking now

It was weird, but I found replacing the tablesaw.stackonly. css file from a fresh download fixed it.(Under Application>Vendor>Tablesaw/). Weird.

Interesting… it’s possible there was some issue with doing the first update and that file didn’t get replaced correctly?

Yes, Exactly what I was thinking!

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