Updating all the images that exist in the DB to display


So I have a problem with my images, this is the way they are displayed

I already read a similar issue that someone had (How to install ImageMagick on WAMP? - #10 by onurmetin) . However, I don’t understand how I can see “imagick” or how I create" a simple PHP script in your web root but outside the Omeka installation " . I am doing updated directly to Omeka Classic file through FileZilla. Also, I don’t know where you can see what version of PHP I am on, but i don’t know if I need it… Anyway please let me know how to fix this issue.

You can get information about your server and what software it’s running by going to the “System information” link in the bottom right corner of any admin page (this link’s name will be translated into your configured language, of course).

You can share the information that’s shown on that page; it will indicate whether you have the “imagick” extension as well as the version of PHP you’re using.

oh, I see, ok, this is my PHP version and imagick does exist

I also added this line .I want to confirm my hesitation but even if i added the component must I now add an image one by one so i could see that the thumbnail actually works? If yes, is there a way to make it automatic update in the system so all the pictures will display .Thank you in advance

Yes, to test I would just upload a new file and see if it’s making thumbnails.

As for fixing the old ones: deleting and reuploading each one is one solution, which could work fine if you have few files or they came from a CSV Import or similar operation you could just re-run.

Alternatively, you can use the Derivative Images plugin to re-run the thumbnailing process on files you’ve already uploaded.

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Perfect! Thank you a lot