Updating a Resource Template

I’m working on a resource template and sense I’m missing something rather basic.

I made a resource template and added a couple items using it. Then I decided I wanted to include a new property on my resource template so I edited it to include the new property. When I returned to update my items with data for the new property, I did not see the new property. I don’t see the new property when I select the resource template for a new item either.

Is there some step I’ve missed? I would assume added properties would show up in the edit Item form after saving but they’re just not.

Many thanks in advance.

You should definitely be seeing a property you add to a template on new items you select that template for…

The property is for sure listed in the template (i.e., it actually saved)? And you’re definitely using the same template you edited?

It definitely saved to the template but does not show up when I create new items. Here’s a couple screenshots of the admin. You can see Date on the template but not on the Item form:

Just to rule out simple stuff, can you try clearing your browser’s cache and/or using a different browser to see if this behaves the same?

I tried another browser and now the new property shows up. Thanks!

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