UpdateSiteItems job fails with invalid PHP path during upgrade

I am trying to upgrade Omeka S from 1.4.0 to 3.2.3 on an Ubuntu 18 virtual machine with PHP 7.2. The database migration says it is successful but in Jobs admin page it says that Omeka\Job\UpdateSiteItems has an error that maps to this in the application log:

ERR (3): Omeka\Job\Exception\RuntimeException: PHP-CLI error: invalid PHP path. in /opt/local/omeka-s-3.2.3/application/src/Job/DispatchStrategy/PhpCli.php:63

And my site_items table is empty.

My PHP path is /usr/bin and /usr/bin/php links to /etc/alternatives/php which links to /usr/bin/php7.2. It looks like from the releases page that php 7.2 is still supported by 3.2.3. I’ve looked through the similar topics about PHP-CLI error, but didn’t see any for my environment or situation. So what would be the cause of this error?

Thanks, Don

The line of the error you’re showing indicates that it’s using a configured PHP path, that you’ve set one specifically in your config/local.config.php file. What’s the exact setting you have there?

Sorry, that would be relevant info :roll_eyes:

    'cli' => [
        'phpcli_path' => '/usr/bin',

Some systems change the actual name of the PHP command, so the phpcli_path has to be the entire path, including the binary name: /usr/bin/php in this case.

Thanks John, that worked.