Updated omeka-s, images no longer display

I did a test update on a virtual server and managed to get it working. I tried the exact same steps on the production server and now I can’t see any images. I set logging to true in local.config.php and nothing is showing up in the logs.

So, your old, existing images aren’t showing? Or just new ones? Or both?

I can no longer see old items, I can’t add any new items, when I click the add item button, it shows “Omeka-S encountered an error” .htaccess has application_env set to "development"
No error log updates in Nginx.

Figured out that some of the permissions had been changed. I reset them back to where they should be and it started working again.
However, all old item thumbnails don’t work anymore.
New items show just fine.
Is there anything that can fix this?

Presumably it’s just something about the files themselves. Take a look at the URL to a non-working thumbnail (they can be easily gotten from the sidebar on a Media show page) and look for that file on the server: you can see if it’s there or not, or if there’s some permissions difference between the old files and the new (that’d be my first guess).

It actually was. Somehow when I copied the images over, I forgot to copy the thumbnails over. Restoring the files to the proper location fixed the problem.