Update the translation of core files and some modules

Hi to all.
I’m new in the Omeka S community and probably this is already answered somewhere else. If so, my apologies and please tell me the link for it.
A small team that I coordinate has finished the translation and revision of all the strings for core files and for some modules of Omeka S to Portuguese_PT. We would like to implement those translation for some sites that are already running. When those translations will be available? Only in a new version of Omeka S? Is there a process for us to implement those translations right now in our local installation of Omeka S?
Many thanks in advance!

Hello, Daniel.

You’ll find notes about internationalization of Omeka S at https://omeka.org/s/docs/developer/modules/internationalization, and the already available translations on Transifex (https://www.transifex.com/omeka/omeka-s/).

Hope this helps.

New and updated translations only come out “officially” with new releases.

You can update them on your own just by adding/replacing the file corresponding to the language you’re interested in in the application/languages folder (core) or just languages folder (modules).

The necessary file to replace is the compiled “.mo” file, this is produced by the gettext msgfmt tool. The docs Daniele pointed you to explain some tools that come with Omeka S that are used to update all translations, but you can just run msgfmt on your .po file on your own, or use the compile feature of a translation editing tool, if you’re using one.

Many thanks John! I downloaded the files from Transifex, compiled them to “.mo” using an online tool (https://po2mo.net/) and replaced the files in the Omeka S installation. It´s perfect!

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