Update Module Listing

I created a new version of the AnyCloud module a few days ago, but the updated version isn’t showing up on the module listing page.

I updated the .ini file and published a new release on Github.

Am I missing something?


If you check the zip file you uploaded to that release, you’ll see two problems (one may be less obvious to you if you’re looking on a Mac):

First, the folder containing the module is misspelled as “AnyClound.” Second, the zip contains a “__MACOSX” folder, which Macs tend to add when you use the Finder to make zip files. You might not be able see that if you’re viewing it in the Finder, though. If you fix both of those little problems and reupload the file, it should get picked up fine.

Your new copy looks like it has a slightly different mistake: you now have no top-level folder at all.

The addons directory will only accept and list a release if

  • it’s a zip file
  • with just one directory at its top level
  • and that directory’s name matches the name the addon was registered as

So when looking at your zip it should have just one folder visible when initially opened: “AnyCloud.” The purpose of this requirement is so that users can just unzip a module right into the modules folder and have it be in the correct place.