Update Error - wrong installation folder?

I was updating to the latest version of Omeka S and have misplaced a file or folder somewhere .
My public URL is: https://samuelhellier.co.uk/
This redirects to: https://samuelhellier.co.uk/s/home/page/home which comes up with an Error 500 message.
Yet, I can still see the public pages by manually reverting to: Pages · The Letters of Sir Samuel Hellier · Samuel Hellier

It looks like I’ve installed the update one level too high, but I can’t figure out where it needs to go.

I can still access the /admin site.

Thanks in advance for your help!

I don’t think it’s really an issue of being a level too high, but there’s just an error happening whenever you try to view a page. (The “higher level” one that works is just a list of the pages, but each individual one doesn’t work.)

You’ll want to follow these instructions for turning on error display to see what error is actually happening on those 500 pages. You could also check your server’s PHP log (the PHP one, not Omeka’s own log).

Thanks for your help @jflatnes !
I’ve turned on the error display and now have the following message:

Fatal error : Declaration of BlockPlus\Site\BlockLayout\Html::render(Laminas\View\Renderer\PhpRenderer $view, Omeka\Api\Representation\SitePageBlockRepresentation $block) must be compatible with Omeka\Site\BlockLayout\Html::render(Laminas\View\Renderer\PhpRenderer $view, Omeka\Api\Representation\SitePageBlockRepresentation $block, $templateViewScript = ‘common/blo…’) in /home/u804044085/domains/samuelhellier.co.uk/public_html/modules/BlockPlus/src/Site/BlockLayout/Html.php on line 42

I’ve located the line, but am unsure how to resolve the issue.
Any ideas?

Thank you!

This is an error with the BlockPlus module.

I believe there’s an update out for that module for compatibility with the newest Omeka S, so upgrading to that version would be a solution to this problem. Or you could disable or uninstall the module, but then of course you couldn’t use its features.

Thank you very much @jflatnes - you fixed it!