Unwanted characters appended to resource template property/field label

I’m trying to customize the public display name of fields in our exhibit. Specifically, I edit a resource template, edit a single field/property (via property options- Resource Templates - Omeka S User Manual). I then add the desired public field name as a label, then check ‘use for resource title’ and ‘use for resource description’. After applying the changes to the template, I upload an item via the customized resource template.

After doing this I see the custom field label, however two characters (“kk”) are appended to it. rather than display the label value I entered (“Contact”) the public interface displays “Contactkk”. I’ve** tried customizing multiple properties within multiple resource templates, and ‘kk’ seems to be appended to each custom label I set.

This is true only in the public display. In the administrative interface the label displays correctly, as Contact

Can anyone provide any guidance? Thank you in advance!


Does this happen the same if you change your theme?