Unpublished Simple Page - Access for Researchers

In our instance of Omeka, we have a couple “hidden” collections that require a username and password. The workaround that I came up with was to enable the Guest User plugin. Once someone registers as a guest, I then go in and verify they should have access to these collections - then change their user role to Researcher. They can then access these “hidden” collections because they have this Researcher role.

Currently, there is a Homepage of sorts where there are links to these hidden collections - http://digitalarchives.sjc.edu/faculty. If you are not logged in and click on the collection links, you receive a 404 error. But if you are logged in, you can get to the collections. This is just a Simple Page that is published and accessible to anyone - even those without an account. My question is - is there a way to make this Simple Page “hidden” (ie - requiring a Researcher to log in to access)? I tried to just mark the page as “unpublished”, but as a Researcher the page is not accessible. (I can access the page as a Super user)

Has anyone attempted something like this and have any workarounds or advice?

Create a basic plugin with one hook to add the missing rights for the researcher…

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