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Is the Universal Viewer plugin no longer available for Omeka classic? I don’t see it at https://omeka.org/classic/plugins. I like the plugin but I don’t know if it will still work with omeka.

The website redesign includes some additional requirements for plugins. Non-RRCHNM plugins may not be included just yet as their developers work through bringing them in line with the new registration process and requirements.

Looking at the plugin’s github repository it appears to still be in active development.


U just instaled the Universal Viewer plugin from Daniel’s github https://github.com/Daniel-KM/Omeka-plugin-UniversalViewer. It seems to be working well.

I am using Omeka 2.5.1 an dplannig of upgrading to the latest release. Do you think the upgrade will break the functionality of UV plugin?


The plugin is maintained and works fine with Omeka 2.6.1. It will be published soon on this site.

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Hello, Forum,
I have a follow-up question about the Universal Plugin on Github. I plan to upload it on my Omeka Classic account. What’s the best format for the images I plan to upload once I get the Universal Plugin installed? Will PDFs work, or should I get JPegs?

UniversalViewer works with all formats supported by the browser (jpg, png, pdf) + tiled images (big images that are divided in tiles with a tiling application, like OpenLayerZoom).

Thanks for your help, Daniel. I now have a new questions. I’ve installed the UniversalViewer plugin in my Omeka.org Classic site. It appears to have installed correctly under the “plugins” button. However, when I look at the left-hand sidebar with the list of available plugins I don’t see UniversalViewer installed. Did I make an error in the installation? Or do I need to activated it somehow? I’m just trying to figure out how to begin building…


There is no left hand bar for uv, only some config option for plugin, since it’s only a viewer for the public.

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