Universal Viewer versions and configuration test site


We have developed a test site to configure the Universal Viewer (UV) to use as a book reader (side by side options). We used to pick up json configuration in this tool site, but it is not available anymore: http://universalviewer.azurewebsites.net/#?c=0&m=0&s=0&cv=0&manifest=http%3A%2F%2Fwellcomelibrary.org%2Fiiif%2Fb18035723%2Fmanifest&xywh=-1383%2C-197%2C5333%2C3936

Is there another place to pick up json configurations? It helps as a starting point instead of building in manually.

Also, our UV module is version v3.5.8, but the settings icon window within the UV states a different version, v2.0.2. Is the settings tool coming from somewhere else? With our current UV module I do not have a side by side option in the settings options.

Thank you very much for your time! Any help is appreciated.


The module integrates the independant library (uv), used by the National British library. The version of the module is 3.5.8, the version of the uv library is 2.0.2. The version 3 will be published in the beginning of 2019. The config tool doesn’t work any more, and is currently being ported on version 3, but not ready. So the config of the module is hard to prepare, unless if you study the js or if you ask on the github page (https://github.com/universalviewer/universalviewer).

I noticed there are still no options for a side-by-side view on the UV module. Are there any updates on this topic?