Universal Viewer showing new files but not older uploads

I’ve recently installed Universal Viewer, which is beautiful!.
I’m having an issue, in that it’s only displaying files that I’ve uploaded since we upgraded to Omeka 2.5.1. Files associated with our two earlier collections don’t appear in the viewer. I tested this by uploading a new, slightly altered file to an older collection, and the newer image appears, but the not older one.

Is there something I can do for these images to appear without re-uploading 400 or so new images?
Thank you!!


You have to upgrade Universal Viewer and all other plugins when you upgrade the core of Omeka.

Anyway, your issue seems to be server related. The first images have the mime type audio/jpg or no mime type, so they may be bad formatted or your imagemagick was too old to recognize them when you imported them. So Universal Viewer can’t display them, because it thinks it’s an audio, but it isn’t.

You can fix it by a direct access to the database (see omeka_files, the column “mime_type”), but backup it (database + files) before any modification of the base, or ask somebody else. The other solution is to avoid to upload images manually, is to use the plugins CsvExport, fix the data in your spreadsheet, and CsvImport them.

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