Universal Viewer settings

Hi all,

I’m working on the Universal Viewer settings. I created a directory ‘universal-viewer’ in the directory ‘asset’ of my theme.
In this directory, I created a config.json in which I wrote these lines that I found here : (https://github.com/UniversalViewer/universalviewer/blob/master/src/extensions/uv-pdf-extension/config/en-GB.json).

  • How can I do to translate viewer in French ?
  • How can I do to remove the download button in the header and footer panel ?
  • How can I do to automatically adapt the height of the viewer in function of the document ?

To disable the download button, you need:

 "footerPanel": {
            "options": {

Other Option for the footerPanel are:

               "bookmarkEnabled": true,
                "embedEnabled": false,
                "feedbackEnabled": true,
                "minimiseButtons": true,
                "openEnabled": true,
                "shareEnabled": true,
                "printEnabled": true