Universal Viewer not using OpenLayers Zoom tiles

Hi apologies if this has been asked before!

I have two images in a test item; both zoomed with OpenLayers Zoom.
One uses the tiles in the zoomtiles folder, the other doesn’t. Both sets of tiles exist and are owned by www-data and work perfectly with OpenLayers

Omeka 2.5.1
OpenLayersZoom 2.8.1
UniversalViewer 2.4.5

running on Ubuntu 14.04

In console I see:
Tile failed to load: http://web.marshlibrary.ie/beta/iiif-img/1069/2048,2048,2048,2048/1024,/0/default.jpg - error: Image load aborted

How can I tell UV always to use the tiles in the zoom tiles folder?

Many thanks!


It is strange, because if it works with OpenLayers Zoom, it should works with UniversalViewer. It seems to be a config issue. What is the original format of the files? What is the url of the working tile? And are items private or public (iiif works only on public files)?

Hi Daniel
Apologies, I replied by pm before I woke up…

Thanks so much for your help! Yes I think it must be permissions/config. here’s the item with its two files, it’s public. You can see that OLZoom is perfect, but UV is only picking up the tiles for the first image. They are both jpgs.

If you have a look at the console in Chrome you can see that the tiles exist for the second file.

I’d really like to use UV because it’s such a pretty interface out of the box, and works on mobile, whereas OL would require more customisation.

It will be something stupid in the config I’m sure… link below to the public item (it’s a test site).

best wishes



I see the issue. Could you reorder the two images to check if it is related to that?

Have done, but that didn’t work, Tried adding another from a different source, not that. Trying to think whether I changed the config of the server, because the Aquila image was the first to be added and now all images are blurred in UV apart from Aquila. So I remembered that I had tried the Mirador plugin and also the IIPImage server: turned the plugin off and uninstalled, and purged the IIPimage server in case of a conflict. No go. Any suggestions gratefully received! Can I hard-code a path somewhere?

The OpenLayersZoom creates the tiles, so you don’t need a iip image server (in fact, the openlayers zoom and uv plugins are not only a viewer, but an image server too). I can’t fix it, since you mix sources in the same item. You can try to modify the plugin here and here, but the simpler is to uninstall the two plugins, to remove all tiles, and to reinstall and recreate tiles. There is a script for bulk creation in the root of OpenLayersZoom.

Thank you, I’ll try the reinstall/recreate and let you know how it goes. It may be useful to others to know what to avoid as well, and a fix if they encounter a similar problem. I did try turning off the OLZoom hook but that didn’t fix it either.

Hi Daniel

Sat here staring at a few things. It eventually dawned on my tiny mind that the one that was working was a very big original. I cleared the default size setting in the UV config, and it’s working… I feel very stupid! (I had just renamed the original zoom_tiles folder so changed it back and all of them are working.

Hope this helps someone else and thanks for your help and for the excellent plugin (and all the others which I hope to use).

best wishes

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