Universal Viewer Not Displaying PDFs

I’m working on uploading diary scans (JPEG) to the Universal Viewer. Each diary entry has a corresponding transcript in PDF format. I tried uploading the diary scans and transcripts together, but the Universal Viewer is only displaying the JPEGs. Is there a way to fix this so that the UV will display both the JPEGs and PDFs? Alternatively, is there a better way to include transcripts in the Universal Viewer?

The pdf will be displayed with files if it is attached to the same item, with all the jpeg. The current version of the module Universal Viewer doesn’t manage the transcript, but the widget does.

My PDF is attached to the same item as my JPEGs. What widget are you talking about?

Universal Viewer is the widget, the module only integrates it inside Omeka. If there is only a pdf, the pdf is displayed. If there is only images, they are displayed. When there are images and pdf, only the images are displayed. It works like this to simplify the process and to avoid to multiply the options and parameters in the viewer. Most libraries prefer to display images and let visitors download, so this is the only implemented option.

But universal viewer is able to display transcript with images, so the module can be improved for that.

How do I enable transcript display?

I didn’t check it. You have to check the documentation of https://github.com/UniversalViewer/UniversalViewer and to attach your transcript somewhere.

did you ever find an answer?

I’m having a similar issue, but it affects the whole site. I have different materials on the site, some which are better displayed as JPEG and others which are better displayed as PDF. They never occur on the same page, but even on the same site, UV only seems to be able to display one. If the PDFs are displaying, it won’t display the JPEGs on another page (UV doesn’t even show up), but if I take away the PDFs, it has no problem displaying the JPEGs. Is there a workaround that doesn’t involve me converting all of my picture files to PDF (or vice versa)?

Universal viewer is aimed for the end user, so it’s generally useless to display pdf and jpeg files to the visitor. The config of the Universal viewer is the default one. It uses the manifest of the IiifServer, so if you have it, you can modify it with a filter in another module to remove the pdf of the images files according to your needs.