Universal Viewer - Log-in attempt seems to have failed

I have just upgraded to the latest versions of Omeka Classic and Universal Viewer.

When UV tries to display an image, this is what the UV window looks like:

When I click the accompanying OK button, the viewer window does not show the image of the item.

Based on my examination of the UV code, this seems to have to do with a failure in UV here:

$.subscribe(BaseEvents.LOGIN_FAILED, () => {

in the modules/uv-shared-module/BaseExtension.ts file.

This problem seems to come and go - things were working for a while yesterday when I changed the image display setting in UV to Command line ImageMagick, but the issue has returned.


Any ideas on how to solve this would be appreciated.


I just ran into this problem, too.

It happens ONLY when accessing certain items in Chrome - Firefox displays them just fine.

Has anyone tracked down a solution yet?

I have this issue sometime and it’s related to http/https issues (if the site is https, the external manifests and files must be https), and some adblock protections. But random.