Universal Viewer in Omeka Classic hosted on Reclaim - .obj file upload not working

I’m working with Omeka Classic via Reclaim Hosting. I installed the UV plugin because I need to upload a 3d object to my items (.obj file extension). I know UV is up and running because I can see the UV viewer embedded on the public page for my items, but when I try to upload a .obj file I get an error message, “File Upload: The file ‘model.obj’ could not be ingested because it has a disallowed file extension (obj).” I reached out to the folks at Universal Viewer and they suggested,

“I think this problem is entirely on the Omeka side of the equation, so you’ll probably get better assistance from the Omeka community than from the UV list. I would guess that there’s a configuration in Omeka somewhere to restrict allowed upload types, and 3-D objects may be an atypical case that’s turned off by default…”

Any ideas about what I’m doing wrong?

The suggestion from Universal Viewer is talking about file validation which is part of your security settings. You could either add your file and mime types to the fields or disable file validation.

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