Universal Viewer doesn't display iiif images on Firefox


I am using Universal Viewer in Omeka S (module version 3.6.8) which uses external images hosted on a IIIF Server (3,0 version of Image API). Omeka version is 4.0.1
In the settings of my website, I choose in Players’ zone the Version 3.1.1 (more moderne but deprecated) - (the only one that works for me).

The problem is that when I access the item page with Mozilla Firefox (Version 120.0.1), the UV displays images only the first time. The moment I refresh the page, UV disapears. A did a screen shot of the css on the first access to the item et again after the refresh. The second time, the hight passes from 600px to 0px.

Strangly, it works just fine with Chrome.
Have you experienced this problem, do you know how to fix it?

Thank you very much for all your ideas.