Universal Viewer diplaying in Search Page

I’m trying to figure out how to config the Universal Viewer module, I have an issue I can’t resolve: the viewer appears in the “standard” search page and it breaks it. I don’t want it to be shown, how can I do that?
Like that:

Also, I’ve read through, but if I want to have the viewer just for the items with a certain metadata type I tryed with

$itemType = $item-> value(‘dcterms:type’);

<?php if ($itemType == 'Journals'){ echo $this->universalViewer($item); }?>

but it just adds a second viewer to the right type. How can I eliminate the viewer in the search page and the wrong items ones?

If it is displayed on the standard page, it means you added it somewhere, either in the theme. Do you use the module Blocks Disposition ? It allows to hide or to show it automatically (but it is better to manage it through the theme).

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