Universal Viewer cannot display more than one file type per item

I have an Omeka S 3.0.1 site with the latest version of Universal Viewer, IIIF server and Image Server. My items are about birds and each bird item has images and audio.

If the item has a mixture of audio and images, then the audio will not show in Universal Viewer. If all the images are deleted from the item, then the audio will show.

Is it true that Universal Viewer is not compatible with items that have a mixture of audio and images, or is there a way around this limitation?

The point is not Universal viewer, that is a iiif viewer, but the manifest that is created by the iiif server.

The module Iiif Server creates iiif manifest automatically from the item metadata and media, but it may be complex to determine the good relation between each media, so the module use common assertions for that: do you want to display an image with a sound in the backend or a sound with an image cover?

So the manifest can be improved in the module (or in a sub module), but I have no good solution for that.

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