Unity API Integration


I have written a API client for the unity game engine. It is available here: https://github.com/RenderHeads/UnityPlugin-OmekaAPI

The plugin currently only covers a few resource types (item set, item and media) but this will probably be expanded over time. Before going any further with it I was hoping to find out how familiar the community is with Unity, and if its something you see value in?

What’s your thinking on what people could use this for? Educational games? A “virtual exhibit space” kind of thing? Something else? All of the above?

All of the above. The genesis of this is that we responded to a tender to create a virtual museum, and found that Omeka was ideally suited as the tool to manage the collection, and unity was a great tool to display it, but I couldn’t find an integration for it, so I wrote my own during the R&D on that tender bid.

More generally, Unity is used by a lot of companies to build interactive exhibits for museums (at least the kinds we build). Often we need to use some custom built CMS for those - I want to show people that Omeka is a solid option too.