Undefined variables with Foundation Theme and Simple Pages

I have settled on using the Foundation Theme for our new site but am running into an error when displaying a list of collections using Simple Pages. Searching the Forum and the web in general has not yielded a solution.

The Simple Page only contains the shortcode [collections].
Each collection displayed has a thumbnail and clickable title showing, but returns two errors:

  • Undefined variable: thumbnailSize in /var/www/html/themes/foundation/collections/single.php on line 5
  • Undefined variable: featured in /var/www/html/themes/foundation/collections/single.php on line 7

The theme has not been customized.
I have not seen any options in the theme appearance setup where I would specify values to clear these errors.
Simple Pages is current at version 3.2.1
Foundation was just installed this week and is current.
Simple Pages displays Items and Exhibits using their shortcodes with no errors.

Any advice is appreciated.
Thank you,

Thanks for catching that. It’s a bug that will be fixed in an upcoming release that should be out next week.

Thanks Kim, we’ll watch for the update and install.

Hi there, the v1.2.2 of Foundation Classic is now available here. Please let me know if it does not address the issues you were seeing.

Thanks Kim, the update has been installed and seems to work fine.
Take care,

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