Undefined index: HTTP_Referer error

Looking back through our error logs, there are quite a few of the following errors. Should I be worried? What exactly does this mean?

[08-Nov-2017 23:03:41 America/Chicago] PHP Notice: Undefined index: HTTP_REFERER in /home/militar1/public_html/plugins/GuestUser/controllers/UserController.php on line 15

Not a big deal, but just a little sloppiness on my part. PHP Notices generally don’t break anything, but can indicate troubles brewing if things get complicated. This piece of code isn’t getting complicated, though, so I think it’s safe.

It just means that the GuestUser plugin is looking for the server to have information about where to redirect a user after logging in. But, if the user goes directly to that login page, that info won’t be there.

Often on a production server Notices aren’t even logged, so a tiny nuisance in the logs, but nothing to worry about.

Good to know! Thanks, Patrick!!

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