Uncaught Sortable: `el` must be HTMLElement, not [object Undefined]

I’m getting a Uncaught Sortable: 'el' must be HTMLElement, not [object Undefined] error when I try to view and item in Omeka S. The only fields that show up are the Resource template and class. I was expecting to see more fields underneath. The error seems to be coming from jquery-3.6.2.min.js. Am I missing a library or something? I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Any suggestions would be welcome. Thx.

This is what I get after a fresh install of omeka-s 4.0.4 on a ubuntu 22.04.3 server. Please advise.


Hmmm, I don’t think we’ve had anyone report this before…

Does the same thing happen if you use a different browser?

It seems to work with FireFox, but not in Safari or Chrome. However, the sandbox site works in all browsers. I’ve followed the installation instructions, but still having this issue. I’m just not sure if I’m missing something.


I’m wondering if it’s something like an adblock extension or something on your main browser that’s removing part of the page.

Ad blocker is off, I even tried on a different PC that has no extensions on the browser and I’m getting the same results.

You say this is a fresh install, so no modules or anything like that?

Also, are there any other errors listed in the console other than that one “Uncaught Sortable” one?

Fresh install, no modules and this is the only error that shows up when I select and item under items or item sets .

I got it working on Chrome v 122.0.6261.129 on a mac. The above mentioned error does not appear and everything works as expected.

Firefox v 123.0.1 on Mac does throw the above mentioned error and it does not display additional fields.

Chrome or Firefox on a Windows machine throws the error and the fields are not displayed.

I’m so confused, I don’t understand what the error even means and if there is anything that I can do to correct it.