Unable to save in in Exhibits page

If I add text to the description field in an exhibit I get an error code when saving in an exhibit (but it is actually saving).

If I try to edit a page of an exhibit, say add text to the text field, I get a similar error, but nothing saves.

Thank you for any help or advice!

What versions of Omeka Classic and Exhibit Builder are you running?

Hello @mebrett ,

We just upgraded to Omeka 2.6.1 and using 3.4.1 Exhibit Builder.

Thanks for your help!

So, “unknown column” means that the tables for Exhibit Builder don’t match the version of Exhibit Builder you’re using?

Did you do anything special or manual with Exhibit Builder’s tables when upgrading? The plugin would normally handle this by itself.

Thanks @jflatnes,
The programmer here that made the updates was able to fix it. I wish I could tell you more. It did have to do something with the update and there was one manual change to the exhibit plugin that I am aware of, but unsure if that’s what the issue was.

Thanks for your time, I really appreciate it!