Unable to login after server migration

We recently migrated Omeka S server environments (database and web server) but are now unable to login to the administrator console.

The database connection appears to be working (no errors and we can see all our sites and items), but when attempting to log in with any users we receive an ‘Email or Password is invalid’. There are no errors in the log.

Any ideas of things to check? It looks like the PHP version from our old to new site has changed (7.2 to 7.3). MySQL is 5.7 on both, but we did migrate to an AWS RDS MySQL database instance.

Any ideas on things to check?

What version of Omeka S is this?

Have you tried the forgot password feature?

You could also check some simple things, like that your users table actually carried over to your new database.

Hi - we are on version 2.0.2.

We don’t have email configured yet so we haven’t reset any passwords - that will probably be the next step if we can’t figure this out.

The users table is definitely there and populated with all of our accounts. We noticed the passwords are hashed in the database and are wondering if there is some configuration in the new environment that is preventing the hash from matching when verifying the passwords.

I’m not aware of any server-to-server issues that should impact the hashing: it’s just standard PHP password hashing that should be compatible version to version and server to server.

And I don’t have any personal experience or a recollection of any user reports of an issue like what you’re describing.

Just to cover the very obvious, you’re completely sure that the email/password combinations you’re using are in fact correct, yes?

No worries - I appreciate the help! We are pretty sure, I’ve had a few folks including myself attempt to login on both the old and new servers back to back. They are able to log in to the old site with no issues.

I’ll get email working and try password resets on the new site next.

Just closing the loop on this; after getting email working, all of our users were able to reset passwords (to their current passwords) and get in. Thanks again for the help!

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