Unable to install modules - invalid Module.php file

Modules I installed are listed with the following (e.g.) error message. Thanks for your help. Steve

<CSV Import
version 0.2.0-alpha
by Roy Rosenzweig Center for History & New Media
Import content from a CSV file.
Error: invalid Module.php file>

Are you installing from the packaged zip files, or from a pull from GitHub?

From zip, downloaded from

There are a couple of possible issues. First, it looks like we didn’t package it up correctly – when unzipped, it looks like the name is something like CSVImport-v0.3.0-alpha. The version info shouldn’t be there, so the folder name should just be CSVImport. Changing that is the first thing to try.

When I did that, I also had some permissions problems, so make sure that all the files and folders are accessible to the server.

We’re planning on a new release of this (and other) modules by the end of Novemeber, where these should be fixed.

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Yep, I immediately fixed permissions manually, after unzipping.
Now, after renaming the directory to CSVImport, it works.
Note that its name was CSVImport-develop. And ValueSuggest was ValueSuggest-master.
Thx. Solved.