Unable to add items or item sets in OmekaS

I am attempting to create my first items and item sets and after trying to input and submit information, I am receiving this error:

An exception occurred while executing ‘SELECT t0.level AS level_1, t0.embargo_start AS embargo_start_2, t0.embargo_end AS embargo_end_3, t0.id AS id_4 FROM access_status t0 WHERE t0.id = ?’ with params [3]: SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table ’ .access_status’ doesn’t exist

What modules are you using? This looks like an error that would come from a problematic module.

I have Accesses, Advanced Search, Alt text, Any Cloud, Block Plus, Bulk Export, CSV import, Collecting, CSSEditor, Contact messages, Create missing thumbnails, Custom vocab, Data cleaning, Easy Admin, Export, Extract Metadata, Extract OCR, Extract Text, Faceted Browse, Item Carousel Block, Log, Mapping, Menu, Metadata Browse, Omeka S Item Importer, and Redact Values, Simple PDF, Timeline installed

From the error you posted, I would think the “Accesses” module would be a good place to start looking. Any change if you disable it?

Disabling it seemed to work. Is there anyway of enabling Accesses and still having access to items and item sets, even when I’m the global administrator. Thanks for all your help!

This looks like a bug or a problem with configuration of the module or something like that. I assume it’s something that could be resolved, but you’d have to talk with the module’s developer about that.

You might try filing an issue with the developer (I’m assuming this is the module called “Access” that you’re using).