Trying to use liquid slider in Omeka 2.6 plugin

I am trying to implement Alicia Peaker’s Contribution plugin (peakera/MLMP_Contribution on GitHub) on a new install of Omeka 2.6, and for some reason the liquid slider action doesn’t seem to be working. I have installed the plugin exactly as it is, and even installed the theme for which the plugin was built, but no dice.

Compare her working example with my non-working example. (You’ll have to click on one of the item-type buttons to see the slider working/not working.)

The plugin itself was last updated two years ago and is listed as tested against 2.4.1, so I’m wondering if there’s any chance that something in Omeka 2.6 makes the slider break? Hard for me to see how, but I’m at my wits’ end trying to make this work!

I notice that my Javascript console shows lots of Syntax Errors on my dev version that don’t pop up when I’m looking at the working example on Military Life Memories. Not sure why that is or whether it has anything to do with it. It seems like the liquid slider script just isn’t loading at all on my dev site.

I’ve confirmed that the problem seems to have to do with my version of Omeka. When I install an older version of Omeka (2.4.1) and install the plugin, the slider works fine (see example). Is there something about the way JQuery is loaded or the script would be handled differently in 2.6?

Not sure any longer that the links above are reproducible. The working example mentioned in my last comment only works when I am logged in.

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