Trying to use carta to map geojson

I’ve just started working with Omeka and would love to get my own maps going with Carta. Unfortunately the docs aren’t helping me out. What I’d like to do is have it show my own existing map, which I have as geojson.

Any help would be appreciated!


Hi -
Sorry for the delay in responding.
There is no facility in the current UI to load GeoJson files to create maps.
We will be looking to add this, along with KML in subsequent releases.
Apologies again for the slow reply.

Thanks for the reply, David. The ability to load geojson is a big one for me and some others who are working on using Omeka for an upcoming exhibit.

Any idea of a timeline for the addition of this functionality?


Hi -
Sorry (again) for the late reply.
Still getting used to the new forums.
I’ll try to have an answer for you this week.