Trying to make 'identifier' searchable - clues please

Hello all,

I think I am right in guessing that the standard DC ‘Identifier’ field should be searchable by default. Ours aren’t, and never seem to have been - this is true of both our live 2.4 site and my testing 2.4.1 server - I have googled around without hitting paydirt, and would be very grateful if anyone could suggest where to start looking for how to get this field to be indexable and searchable. I have tried what I think are the obvious, including index rebuilds, but … We’re now a bit hindered by this and it would be very useful indeed to be able to pull up an item. The identifiers we have will look something like: F.6.2.1 or ‘Newiss 1/36’ - generally alphanumeric strings with dot separators. All thoughts welcome.

Do those identifiers work if you use the item-specific advanced search?

Much of what the main fulltext search does is baked into MySQL and tough to change: among those behaviors is that it splits the text into what it thinks are words. I’d bet dot-separated identifiers are being split into separate words. Worse, short words under 4 or so characters get ignored by the search. Together, those things would probably explain what you’re seeing.

The item-specific search uses much more simple (but inefficient) searching methods, so it would probably work better in this particular case.