Trying to duplicate Omeka-S in Vagrant box

In preparation for an upgrade, I am trying to duplicate our production Omeka-S 3.0.1 in a Vagrant box. Everything seems like it’s in place. And yet when I go to hit it I get this error:

run(); } catch (\Exception $e) { $viewRenderer = $application->getServiceManager()->get(‘ViewRenderer’); $model = new ViewModel; $model->setTemplate(‘error/index’); $model->setVariable(‘exception’, $e); $content = $viewRenderer->render($model); $parentModel = $application->getMvcEvent()->getViewModel(); if (!$parentModel) { $parentModel = new ViewModel; } $parentModel->setTemplate(‘layout/layout’); $parentModel->setVariable(‘content’, $content); http_response_code(500); error_log($e); echo $viewRenderer->render($parentModel); } } catch (\Exception $e) { http_response_code(500); error_log($e); include OMEKA_PATH . ‘/application/view/error/fallback.phtml’; }

I’ve made sure the files/directories are owned by (this is Ubuntu) www-data.

I’ve made sure my Apache2 is set to AllowOverride All.

Not sure what else to do. Thinking…

Advice much appreciated,



Please disregard. I had neglected to install all the PHP extensions, including PDO.

Did that, and all is now working in my Vagrant Box!