Troubleshooting LocaleSwitcher plugin

The following URL contains some vague instructions which I’m hoping someone understands a bit better than I do and can shed some light on for me: Omeka Classic - Locale Switcher


  1. Install the plugin
  2. Configure which languages you would like to appear in the language switcher
  3. Put the following code in your theme files: <?php echo $this->localeSwitcher(); ?>

The part I’m not grasping is : What do you mean by ‘theme files’ ? I’m looking in my themes folders , and i see a folder there for each theme, but beyond that - am i adding code to config.ini, or index.php or theme.ini ? It’s not clear to me…

Thanks for your help.


Hello, Shawn.

Not sure what you’re trying to accomplish, but my suggestion would be to also check the Multilanguage plugin, either in its original form ( by Patrick or in my improved fork (

This said, to answer to your questions: by “theme files” developer meant the files you’d find in your specific theme directory (so: themes/whateverThemeYouAreUsing/etc.); wherever you add the code snippet (f.i.: items/browse.php), you’ll get the language switcher appearing.

Hope this helps.

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