Trouble with Youtube Import plugin

Hi. I would appreciate your help. I have a trouble with the installation of Youtube Import plugin:

First, when I tried install it:

Second, when I tried see any item record, this message appeared:

Finally, when tried adding a link to youtube video, this message about API appeared:

Pdt. My omeka installation is in a hosting service. Omeka version 2.7.1 and YouTube Import plugin 1.3.

You can try following the “Display Error Messages” instructions here on the manual, also linked from that “Omeka ha encontrado un error” page.

If you got that “500” error when installing the plugin, it’s likely it wasn’t installed correctly, though. The error message on the import page seems to indicate some issue with the API keys? I’m not super familiar with this plugin specifically, though.

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Thanks for your answer. I decided it would be better add Youtube embed code in the items.

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