Trouble with Universal Viewer, IIIF server, ImageServer

I have been having trouble getting the latest versions of Universal Viewer & IIIF Server to work, though I just found out that in order to get the latest version of IIIF server to work, I need to install ImageServer…which is also not working for me. Is there a version of ImageServer that contains the dependencies so I don’t have to use composer Install? I’m on a Mac OS and I’m not so sure I am able to perform the install that way.

Thanks so much

I’m getting pressure to use this module, since I cannot get the latest version to work, I tried installing one version older (3.6.2), but this puts a theme.css over the whole page, with CSS rules that override the body, html, text etc that completely messes up the look of our site. Does the newest version do this as well, or have self-contained CSS rules?

The version is working fine without image server. The idea to separate the iiif server and the image server is to allow to use a separate image server or multiple image servers, that is required in some projects. The work is nearly finished, but need some more improvements.

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Thank you! Yes, I have Universal Viewer version 3.6.2 now working with IIIF version I appreciate your response!

Is the version number here supposed to be or truly (Sorry if this is a little too pointilleux.)

yes, the version is

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