Trouble with the Content DM link plugin

I am currently trying to use the Content DM link plugin to import newspapers from the library site onto our Omeka site. What I want to do is transfer over the objects with their metadata and the file that contains the image with the newspaper itself. In doing so, however, we are continually running into a problem. All of the metadata on the object is being put onto the site as an item correctly, but the image that is associated with this metadata is not being transported at all. Many of the files have the TIFF format, although the files are supposed to be compound objects that also use PDF format. I’ve read that the PDF format should allow the file to be transferred over with the Content DM plugin, yet not a single file has transferred over. I even managed to find a few of the objects with a PDF format, but these files were also unable to transfer over. Any advice on how to transfer these files over with the Content DM link plugin, or is there a different method for doing this?

Thanks for reporting this issue, and for using this plugin. I apologize for the slow reply. I can recreate the problem with the current version of the plugin and am looking into it. The plugin has been successfully tested with PDF files in the past, so this is likely a new problem introduced in the second to last version of the plugin (which had some issues).

I have made some changes to the plugin, and I have released a version in which importing pdf files works. If you have any issues importing pdfs using the newest version of the plugin (1.6) please let me know.
The function that merges multiple pdfs into a single multipage pdf may still not work, but this is now disabled by default and comes with a warning label that it is still under development.
The plugin should work fine to import pdfs into Omeka unaltered.