Trouble importing PBcore vocabulary

I’m trying to add the PBCore creatorRole/contributorRole vocabulary, from : The Registry! :: PBCore creatorRole/contributorRole :: Show Detail. This site provides the (via lower right hand corner icon) following RDF/XML file: creatorRolecontributorRole2.0.xml

The URI provided is:

And the namespace is: Creatorrole And Contributorrole Vocabulary | PBCore Metadata Standard
Prefix is not given.

Attempting to import the file from a local copy, using various file format combinations, yields error: “Error importing the vocabulary. Check the file or URL.” As a newbie, I haven’t a clue of what the next step is to get the vocab.

Although only the creator/contributor part of the complete PBcore is needed, importing the complete vocabulary would also be satisfactory.

“PBCore creatorRole/contributorRole” is a controlled vocabulary, not a RDF vocabulary (containing what PBCore calls “elements”). You cannot import controlled vocabularies using Omeka’s import vocabulary feature. You can add controlled vocabularies using the Custom Vocab module. In your case, I’d download the “PBCore creatorRole/contributorRole” spreadsheet, copy the “Terms” column, and paste them into Custom Vocab’s “Terms” text box.

Jim, thanks for your suggestion. Is there anyway to incorporate definitions in a Custom Vocabulary, like one gets with DC?

There is no way to incorporate definitions in Custom Vocab. I’ll look into adding the PBCore vocabularies to the Value Suggest module, which can incorporate definitions.

I went ahead and added the PBCore vocabularies to the Value Suggest module. They will be introduced in version 1.17.0, which should be published tomorrow morning.

Thanks! I shall give it a try.