Translations: joining a team


A few developers and myself are working on a project using Omeka-S (very exciting!), and we see in Transifex the Spanish translation is at 66%, I have requested to join the team some weeks ago, but my request hasn’t been approved. I think this is a good opportunity for us to join this team an finish the translation of Omeka-S to Spanish.



Ah, that’s my fault, I’ve let some of the join requests pile up. You should be good to go now.

Same for me.

Tried to join the Transifex team for translation of Omeka Classic into German (Germany) and still waiting for admittance.

Besides, would this admittance work for the translation of Omeka S as well?

The same team membership allows translation for Classic, S, and any other projects we have on Transifex (there are some individual plugins and things).


I think I have requested membership on Transifex (with same user ID) but I cannot find if it’s listed anywhere in their backend. Could you please have a look and possibly approve? I’m willing to contribute to french localization of Omeka-S and a couple of modules.

Have a nice day