Translating Universal Viewer dialog into Spanish


I would like to translate the Universal Viewer dialog into Spanish, and let it as default language. I’ve inspected the Omeka code and it seems that the texts of the dialog’s options are stored in the files /omeka/plugins/UniversalViewer/views/shared/javascript/uv/lib/uv-[type of file]-extension-[language].config.json. The content of such files are a json object in whitch the dialog messages are set. Because the default option is English I tried to change the en-GB.config.json files, so I turn the value of the attribute “go” by “Ir”, “moreInfo” by “Detalles” etc. but It doesn’t work, which suggests me that some process of “compilation” or something similar has to be done in order to perform the changes.

If someone can give me some guide about this I’would be grateful.

Thanks in advance
Camilo Freire

The module integrates the viewer, but I don’t know anything about it. So you may ask on Another Omeka user included French last year, so you probably can publish your translation on it.

Daniel, thank you very much. I’ll try to join de UV group in order to post the question