Translating Contribution Plugin Form

Hey all,

When using the Contribution Plugin (Contribution - Omeka Classic User Manual) and in other places, I’m trying to translate the generated or queried strings.

I understand how to pass along strings to the __() function when they’re static, however translating strings that are pulled by the php code is evading me. I have updated .mo files in the languages section of the plugin, theme, ect.

For example, in views/public/contribution/type-form.php : 14, translates “Upload a file”,
<?php echo $this->formLabel('contributed_file', __('Upload a file')); ?>

but type-form.php : 25, won’t translate each grabbed element type.
echo $this->elementForm( $contributionTypeElement → Element, $item,
array ( ‘contributionTypeElement’ => $contributionTypeElement))

Is there a portion of line 25 that can be passed to the __() function?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Take a look at models/ContributionTypeElement.php file, it should be what you’re looking for.

Hope this helps.