Transitioning from Omeka classic to Omeka S


I’m evaluating whether to use Omeka S or ‘classic’ for an archival project.

Omeka Classic (2.x) and Omeka S will exist and be maintained side-by-side for the foreseeable future.

As ‘S’ is alpha software, I’m thinking that classic is the realistic choice right now. However, before investing in the platform I’d like to know for certain that there is a planned upgrade path from classic to ‘S’. ‘S’ seems to be the future direction for Omeka. Are classic and ‘S’ compatible long term?

For a new project, Classic is the way to go right now. Classic and S will be maintained separately, in part because there will be no direct upgrade path from Classic to S. Their code and data model are completely different. So, if by ‘compatible’ you mean a direct upgrade (like there was from Omeka 1 to Omeka 2), that will not happen. On the other hand, if by ‘compatible’ you mean that both will be maintained, then yes, both will see development work.

There will, however, be a module for Omeka S to import content from an existing Omeka Classic site via its API. That’s not a true direct upgrade, but it will grab large parts of the data from an Omeka Classic site and duplicate it in a new Omeka S site.

That’s great to know, thanks!


We’re having the same issue, we were waiting for a stable omeka s (to make use of the new features) to start one of our newer projects but are now considering to just use classic instead since time is running short.

But can you guess when a stable version of omeka s, fit for production, is going to be released? Or is it still to early for that.

I would just like to echo a request for a rough timeline on a beta launch. Any information that the core contributors can add to the forum or websites would help sites with their local testing/implementation planning.

We’re targeting October for a beta release, but we do package a monthly alpha that you can get started with:

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We currently have a few exhibits set up in Omeka classic and are looking at Omeka-S.

  1. Will the plugins that currently exist in Omeka Classic be moved to modules eventually? I see the list of projected module releases for October and November but I do not see the OAI-PMH Harvester as one potential module.

  2. Furthermore, how will theming work? We developed a custom theme for our current exhibits/collections and will want to bring it over as well. Will this be possible?

Many of them will be, or the functionality will be incorporated into the core. I don’t think OAI-PMH Harvester is on the short- or long-term plans right now, though. The list you cite is the best guide.

Theming (like everything else) will work on a very different system, so your custom theme would need to be rewritten.

Omeka Classic and Omeka S will both continue to exist alongside each other for the foreseeable future.

Hi Patrick

We are really impressed by the enhanced features of Omeka S however we need to import records into Omeka from our other systems - AtoM and Eprints

We love how easy the Omeka Classic OAI-PMH plugin makes this process.

I think we could import items from AtoM and Eprints using the Omeka S, CSVimport module, however I was wondering if there is an easier way that I am missing?

Thanks for any advice. Libby

If you can get the data into CSV, the CSVImport module will be your best bet,