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So this is my first post, apologies if this is in any way incorrect. I have been working for an archive for the last few months creating an Omeka-S database for them, but they have recently decided to move over to Classic for its ability to more effectively exhibit items digitally. I have catalogued nearly 300 objects and am desperate to not let my hard work go to waste.
Is there any way to export my items, item sets, and resource templates over to a new Omeka instance that I have just set up? I have looked on the forums and failed to find any information for transferring Omeka-S to Classic, but plenty of information on this process the other way round (Classic to S). To give some context I am working on Linux as well which can sometimes complicate issues further.
Any advice or help with my issue would be greatly appreciated,

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You’re right, we don’t really have much in the way of resources for moving from S to Classic… it’s just not something we’ve seen a lot of demand for. I’m interested, actually, in knowing what’s meant by Classic’s “ability to more effectively exhibit items digitally” than S, as I wouldn’t generally think that’s the case.

Anyway, as for transferring, I don’t know of any “out of the box” solutions for doing this. I’d probably look at taking the Omeka S API output and converting that to a CSV which you could then import with CSV Import on the Classic side.

Resource templates are going to be an issue: Classic doesn’t really have them. The closest equivalent thing would be Item Types, and there’s not much in the way of import support for them.


I all honesty, I have only used Omeka-S, so I am only going off of what people have told me about Omeka Classic and what people have mentioned about its ability to create online exhibitions. If you have any ideas on the subject I would love to hear them, from my own experiences with Omeka-S, it seems to be more appropriate for a functional archive database, but less aesthetically pleasing compared to the examples I have seen made with Omeka Classic… but perhaps this is my own subjective opinion.
Also, thank you for your advice on converting the Omeka S API output to CSV, I will give this a try!

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In fact, the page building blocks for Omeka S sites are as flexible or more so than those for the Exhibit Builder plugin for Classic. The issue you might be running up against is that there are simply more existing themes for Omeka Classic, since it is a much older platform.

As John suggests, LOD Vocabs and Resource Templates are going to be an iffy match in a transition to Omeka Classic. Classic has a fixed Dublin Core metadata base, so if you’ve moved to other vocabularies, crosswalking your items will be a challenge.


I was also wondering if someone tried migrating from S to Classic, in case it’s needed in the future.

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