Transfer From Omeka Classic to Omeka S

Is there any way to convert from Omeka Classic to Omeka S smoothly? Can the “Legacy Instructions” for “Moving to Another Server” from the Omeka Classic User Manual work for transferring an entire exhibit to Omeka S?

The Omeka 2 Importer module for Omeka S will transfer over items and collections as items and item sets. There is not an automated way to transfer exhibits from Omeka Classic to Omeka S.
However, once you have transferred the items and collections over, you can build your site in Omeka S using the content from your Omeka Classic exhibit (copying and pasting content).

Thank you for your response. So, basically the importer module will be helpful in translating all of the items and collections , however we will still need to reconstruct the overall site in order for the transition from Omeka Classic to Omeka S to be complete?

Yes, The Omeka 2 Importer module enables you to import items from an Omeka 2.x site into an Omeka S installation. Note that the module only imports Dublin Core metadata, Item Type metadata, and files.

You will need to rebuild your exhibit using Omeka S’s pages and page blocks