Transcriptions of Letters

I have some letters to add to my collection, and I would like to add a transcription of those letters. I do not know how to tie in the transcription with the artifact so that both appear. I am using the Thanks, Roy Theme.

Do I save the transcriptions in a separate .pdf document and unite the two, or in Item Type Metadata, text field, do I type the letters’ transcriptions there?

Thanks for the help anyone can give.


Hello Julia,

It’s really up to you and how you already have the transcriptions. If you have a pdf document, you can upload it as a file attached to the item for the letter. You can also add it to the item type text field, as you suggest. Or you could do both.

If you want the full text of the transcription to be searchable by users browsing the site, either putting the transcription in the text field or using a plugin like PDF text would make sense. On the other hand, if you want to keep the transcription somewhat private, just uploading a PDF file makes sense.

Hope this makes sense,