Do Omeka staff ever hold training sessions or workshops? We’ve had a functioning Omeka Classic site for more than a year now, but in order to take it to the next level, I realize that I need to understand the behind-the-scenes of Omeka. (The Omeka technical documentation is mostly in a foreign language to me.)

Or can anyone recommend any programming-for-dummies resources that would be helpful?

We do offer a range of training and workshops. Mostly they are concentrated on preparing users to get the most out of the software packages (Classic and S). Those workshops are custom designed for individual project groups or small communities of practice. We’re in the midst of developing a set of regular offerings which would be open to individuals who wanted to sign up for sessions.

In the past, we have done some basic orientation to plugin and theme development, but we have much less call for that kind of workshop. Mostly, they’ve been in conjunction with conferences or DH working group gatherings.

Of course, there are a range of code academy-like courses that would provide an introduction to PHP that might provide a basic introduction.