Total number of pages of all the items in an itemset


In our digitization project, we have this main collection (or itemset as we call in Omeka S)

This itemset has more than 500 digitized items as of now. All these items are books or articles. While creating an item we enter the metadata “Number of Pages” (dcterms:extent) in every item.

Is there is a module or some other solution available to find the total number of pages of all the items in this itemset?

Thanks in advance.

I am unaware of a module that makes these kinds of calculations. It is possible with a module using something like the following SQL:

SELECT SUM(v.value) 
FROM value v 
INNER JOIN item i ON = v.resource_id
INNER JOIN item_item_set iis ON iis.item_id =
WHERE v.property_id = ?
AND iis.item_set_id = ?

Where v.property_id is the ID of the “Number of pages” property, and iis.item_set_id is the ID of the item set.

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