To create a designed Timeline

Hi All,
I want to create a timeline such this:
It would be great to see the dashboard interface for this example page.
Is this made by the Netline Time plugin? It doesn’t appear on my site with such a nice design.
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That is simply an embed of an external timeline from Knightlab’s TimelineJS:

This is great, thanks for the reply! Can it be embedded in an exhibition? If yes, how? Thank you very much and I apologize for the unprofessional question, I am very beginner. :slight_smile:

It certainly can.

First, you will likely have to turn off HTML filtering in your security settings:

Then, you use the source code editor of your WYSWIG editor ( to paste in the embed code into the block of your choice on your exhibit page.

Thanks a lot! You’re great!

Still under the spell of timelines … I want to ask you which interactive timeline maker you recommend me.
I am thinking of an free online application, well embedded in Omeka.

Can Omeka accommodate the Tiki Toki 3D timeline?

Thanks a lot for the reply,

My sense of Tiki Toki elements is that you can only embed them places if you have a premium account with their service.

Thanks a lot, Sharon! :slight_smile:

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