To change a title on my home Simple page


I am using the Foundation theme with a Simple page like a home page. In the top-bar, on the right side, I really want to change the title “Collection” to another one. Could anyone indicate me the path on the server?


Trying to find a solution to my problem, i realized that some of the top-bar titles were Simple pages and by assigning them a family link with my home page, they could disappear. However, “Parcourir les contenus” and “Collection” are not Simple pages. Hiding the “Collection” tab with a “display: none;” is not difficult. On the other hand, if in its place I attach a simple page entitled “newSimplePage”, I will be obliged to redirect my visitors to the content in question. However, I would simply like the visitor to click on the title “newSimplePage” to be referred to an anchor located at the bottom of the home page. How can I do this? Additionally, I would like to change the title from “Parcourir le contenu” to “Visiter la bibliothèque”. Anyone know how I can do this? I hope it is easy.

It sounds like this is the site’s main navigation menu? (I can’t quite tell from the screenshot here).

You can directly control which links are shown their, what their labels are, and where they link to, in the admin-side Appearance -> Navigation menu (these are the English labels).

Oooooh thanks! I have been looking for this for so long…

Now, I have an another and similar problem. I would like to add two jpeg small images in the footer (where it says “Fièrement propulsé par Omeka”). Do you know how I can do this?

Adding images to the footer is usually done by editing the theme itself; the markup for the footer is usually at common/footer.php within the theme’s folder.

After uploading my 2 logos on the server, in the common folder (therefre on the same level as the footer.php file), I added the following code to my footer.php file:

<footer role="contentinfo">
	<div class="imagesFooter">
	<img id="logoUA" src="logoUA.jpg" style="width:50px;"/>
	<img id="logoTemos" src="logoTemos.png" style="width:50px;"/>
    <div id="footer-text">
        <?php if ($footerText = get_theme_option('Footer Text')): ?>
        <?php echo $footerText; ?>
        <?php else: ?>
        <p><?php echo __('Proudly powered by <a href="">Omeka</a>.'); ?></p>
        <?php endif; ?>
        <?php if ((get_theme_option('Display Footer Copyright') == 1) && $copyright = option('copyright')): ?>
            <p><?php echo $copyright; ?></p>
        <?php endif; ?>
    <?php fire_plugin_hook('public_footer', array('view' => $this)); ?>

Did I make a mistake somewhere? (In Settings > Security, I have not activated the filtering of the html elements of the input box, and I have already authorized the transfer of any type of file in Omeka)

Your only mistake is in the src for the images. You can’t treat these PHP views in a theme just like HTML: they get used to render pages at lots of different URLS, and so things like simple relative URLs like you used there won’t work how you expect them to.

The best thing to do instead would be, move those images to the “images” folder of your theme, instead of “common” (if your theme doesn’t have an “images” folder, just create one). Then, replace logoUA.jpg in the src of the img tag in the footer with <?php echo img('logoUA.jpg'); ?> (and the same for the other image). That will get you the correct URLs.

Thank you so much! I can’t use the same code in the editor to display an image recorded in the same “images” folder. Do I need to write an absolute path?

So, I displayed images in the footer and also in the header-dropdown.php
I would like my image to replace the site title and be a link to the home page. I tried to adapt link_to_home_page() but without success. I don’t understand what, and how, I should put in the parentheses: the id of my image? its path? or the image tag?

Ok. So, since last time I have solved my problem keeping out <?php echo img('newLogo.jpg'); ?> in header-dropdown.php in the server and somedy has recorded the newLogo.jpg from “Admin Images” in the back office. There, the link of my website has been modified also.

Now, all is working !

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