Timestamp month language

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I have the Numeric Data Types module, as well as Internationalization. However, month names in timestamps always show in English. I am wondering if there is a simple way to show the months in another language, or to simply show them as numbers rather than words (e.g. 01/02 instead of 1 February).

I am aware of this older post but hoping there have been developments since then: Month name shown in English on item page, in spite of language settings - #4 by giocomai

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What version of the module do you have installed? The most current version (1.8.0) should localize the date string depending on the locale set in general settings or your user settings. Note that localization only works if you have PHP’s intl extension loaded.


Dear Jim, thanks a lot for your help and I am sorry that it took me this long to respond. I am not the programmer behind our website and I was waiting on his response to your feedback meanwhile our whole project got set aside for months. It has worked now, so thank you very much.